Welcome To Birmingham Fair Money

This is Birmingham’s response to the prolific rise in high cost lending in our city. Many households are feeling the impact on household finances from spiralling debt caused by high interest and fees, and are struggling to access bank services and affordable credit.

We have gathered the not for profit, responsible lenders serving Birmingham under one web site – please click on all the organisations who are working together to provide ethical and affordable personal loans.

Citysave Credit Union – Provides a range of loans including a Fair Terms Payday Loan £300- £1000; and a range of personal loans up to £10,000 for all those living or working in Birmingham.

Advance Credit Union – Provides a range of loans for those living or working in North Birmingham and Solihull;

Circul8 Credit Union – Provides ethical and affordable loans, savings and bill payment services for those in North West and Central Birmingham;

Moneyline – is a Community Development Finance Institution providing loans from £50 to £250

Street Uk – is also a Community Development Finance Institution providing loans from £500 – £3000

My Home Finance – is a Community Development Finance Institution providing loans from £50 upwards

We have also a range of other services that we have arranged for you and if you browse through the Help and Advice section you will find a wide range of services under one easy to use web site:

Pay Off Your Pay Day Loan – if you are trying to escape from high cost credit, Citysave is running a scheme to assist. Please email payoffpaydayloan@citysave.org.uk for information or check the web site.

Debt Remedy:  when you are worrying about your debt, you may not know who to ask for free, impartial advice. We would urge that you seek advice early from reputable organisations. We have a debt remedy tool from StepChange, the leading charity providing free and independent debt advice in the UK http://www.stepchange.org.uk

Grant Searcher: when emergencies hit that cause you to take out an urgent loan, you may not know that there are many charitable and benevolent organisations that may be able to help. www.turn2us.org.uk have a grant search facility that would check over 3000 organisations, which may prevent you needing an emergency loan.

Maximise your income: the benefits system is changing and you may be affected without fully realising this. Every year millions are not claimed, and we would encourage anyone on low income to check their situation. www.turn2us.org.uk have an income checker, and it will show areas you have not realised you were entitled.

Money Advice: we have links to Money Advice Service for all elements of money advice and help. www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Please tell us what else you want to see made available to you –enquiries@citysave.org.uk

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Birmingham Fair Money

  1. I am exceptionally proud to be associated with this campaign which addresses a really important issue facing the citizens of Birmingham. This innovative partnership between the not-for-profit personal lending sector, debt and advice services, with the backing of Birmingham City Council provides a template for other local authorities across the country to follow our lead in tackling high-cost payday lenders.

    Ricky Joseph
    Chair of Citysave

  2. This page is a fantastic, practical resource which should help to reduce the impact of loan sharks on vulnerable people and I welcome the initiative that led to it. However, many of those who most need help may not be online or receive the Council’s email alerts. We need a major publicity campaign in places that those who are in need of help may go to often. Maybe the Council can challenge supermarkets etc to print and stock leaflets as part of their role giving back to the communities? What can churches do too?

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